The Lingual SS (Social Six) Course

If you have been in practice for 20 or more years chances are you have tried lingual orthodontics. Chances are you hated it and vowed never to do it again. Let Me Change Your Mind! While full lingual is still very difficult and expensive (laboratory fees, etc.) cosmetic lingual treatment is very simple.

Topics To Be Covered

The Main Problems with Lingual Treatment Center
– Around One or More of the Following:
– A large lab expense – can be over $2,000
– Perfecting the indirect bonding technique
– Speech problems
– Tongue irritations
– Gingival hypertrophy
– Control of teeth
– Archwire placement
– Long appointment times
– Ligation of archwires

The Advantages of the PDS Lingual SS Bracket:
– Very small – 1.5 mm in thickness
– Self-ligating – no ties
– No tongue irritations
– No speech problems
– Can be placed directly
– One or possibly two archwires
– Short treatment times – 6 weeks to 6 months

Patient #1 Start                                                                 Patient #2 Start

Patient #1 Final                                                                  Patient #2 Final

12 weeks total treatment time                                         11 weeks total treatment time