Forestadent recently gained attention and support from a high profile leader in the Orthodontic community. Dr. Ronald Roncone kicked off 2013 with a big announcement that he is joining forces with FORESTADENT! The thriving global orthodontic manufacturer has seen rapid growth in the last few years and is excited to have attracted the attention of such a respected leader. Dr. Roncone will contribute on many levels within the company both Domestic and International as an advocate, product advisor, and lecturer.

Dr. Roncone has dedicated his career to the advancement of the specialty of Orthodontics and continued awareness of a pre-adjusted appliance.  As such, he developed the Roncone prescription. “There is and never will be a perfect orthodontic prescription due to biological and anatomical differences between patients,” says Roncone. “However, an orthodontic prescription and treatment system should make treatment (especially finishing) easier. An orthodontist should not have to undo unwanted effects of a pre-adjusted appliance or use special wires to finish cases.” The Roncone prescription and system of treatment has been proven over the last 14 years.

Roncone added, “I am pleased to join such a distinguished orthodontic family organization. FORESTADENT has a history of success and dedication to the orthodontic profession. This remains a company totally focused on orthodontics and orthodontists. It continues to understand that orthodontists and the practice of orthodontics is very unique. In the current changing corporate environment, it is very refreshing.”

FORESTADENT is a 100 year old family company and a leading global manufacturer of orthodontic products, specializing in brackets, bands, screws and functional appliances located in the Black Forest region of Germany.  FORESTADENT USA is headquartered in the heart of the US in St. Louis, Missouri.  Over the past 25 years the company has experienced exceptional growth, on account of the high quality products and excellent customer service.  For more information, about the company, visit the website at