ROI Vision


A Letter From Dr. Ron Roncone

   Over the past 50 years, Orthodontics has gone through vast changes. Direct and indirect bonding, wire technology, pre-adjusted appliances, self-ligating brackets, cone beam technology, and digital technology to name just a few.
   Very often we ask the question, “How can I do what I am doing better or faster?” Perhaps a better question might be, “Should I do what I am doing at all?”
   In 1978 I visited 20 orthodontic practices, who at the time were considered elite practitioners. Attempting to be as objective as I could, I found that depending on the particular office, between 30-40% of what was done on a daily basis was unnecessary, a re-do or an emergency. Recently, I visited 19 different offices and found the numbers had not changed! Problems I saw reoccurring in these practices led to inefficient and longer treatment times. Why were some practices more efficient? In past years, good management principles resulted in sound clinical mechanics. Over the last twenty-five years proper mechanics have driven good management. However, most orthodontists fail to ever realize this fact or make any necessary changes.

  This is what the Roncone PhysioDynamic System (PDS) is all about. I believe we have taken the complex and greatly simplified it!

I wish you the very best,
Ron Roncone