The Roncone PhysioDynamic System (PDS)

Roncone PDS Fundamentals:

We are all aware that beautiful results are produced every day by orthodontists using a multitude of different brackets, wires, techniques and prescriptions.

BUT… What if you could achieve the same goal:

  • in fewer appointments?
  • in fewer months?
  • in less appointment time?
  • with less stress?
  • with fewer problems?
  • with greater profitability?

Would that interest you?

Dr. Ron Roncone will explore The Roncone PhysioDynamicSystem (PDS) and how it relates to effective diagnosis and efficient treatment of cases. The PhysioDynamicSystem consists of 6 specific steps which are followed sequentially:

  1. Make a SUPERB and COMPLETE Diagnosis and Treatment Plan (Includes a meaningful Medical/Dental Health History (H.H.), a complete Clinical Examination, Complete Diagnostic Records (CBCT) and a Precise Treatment Plan).
  2. “Relax” the muscles of the head and neck.
  3. Use a bracket system/Prescription based on this philosophy.
  4. Place bracket precisely for each individual patient.
  5. Use wires of the correct size, shape and force to move teeth quickly.
  6. Post-removal finishing

The Philosophy of PhysioDynamic System

Use of an integrated, directional force system to treat malocclusions to a functional, esthetic result using the patient’s physiology in a unique and dynamic way. These integrated physiologic principles include:

  • Relaxed musculature as its foundation.
  • Followed by a natural condylar position, which is repeatable.
  • Ending with superb occlusal function.

All three must be present in order to achieve long term, stable results which avoid:

  • Tooth wear
  • Gingival recession
  • Bone loss
  • Temporomandibular Joint Disease

These must include an esthetically centered result including:

  1. Tooth position – horizontally, vertically and axially
  2. Esthetic “smile line” of upper anterior teeth
  3. Full arch natural smiles
  4. Individual tooth esthetics
  5. Symmetrical arches
  6. Symmetry sagittally, transversely and coronally
  7. The best facial esthetics genetically possible for each patient

PhysioDynamic Anchor Principles:

Superb results can be achieved using a multitude of bracket systems. The PDS Philosophy is anchored by several key concepts that simplify treatment biomechanics and improve the standard of patient care:

  • Emphasizing the importance of the musculoskeletal system in a totally new way.
  • A directional force system leading to the desired results.
  • Reducing complex concepts into simple solutions.
  • Allowing the orthodontist to finish cases with less work.
  • Reducing discomfort and stress for patients / parents.