The Roncone PDS Archform

[ Round wires have a Universal archform for upper and lower ]

The Roncone PDS Archform

PDS Universal Archform                     PDS Lower Archform

We have developed a new archform based on many years of clinical practice. The PhysioDynamic coordinated archforms are:

  • Flatter in the anterior section allowing for better mesial/distal incisor contacts equating to more stability. The relative “flatness” also allows for better contact between the mesial of the lower canines allowing for a more stable result.
  • Broader in the lower canine and first premolar regions. This avoids occlusal prematurities and corrects 2+ mm of dental Class II due to autorotation of the mandible.
  • In conjunction with the PDS Prescription, the PDS Archforms help upright posterior teeth alleviating anterior crowding without excessive forward tipping.

Please do not equate uprighting teeth over basal bone with overexpansion or tipping off of basal bone! 

“Archform is not about faces. It is about function!” -Dr. Ron Roncone